Park LA is the private practice of Yong Sue Park, PhD, a licensed psychologist  in California (CA PSY 24913). My license can be verified at CA Department of Consumer Affairs.

My Approach

I identify as a integrative psychotherapist, incorporating psycho-dynamic, cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, and mindfulness-based psychotherapies. I have formal training and extensive experience treating a wide range of mental health issues and life challenges. Based on well-founded psychological principles and empirically supported approaches, my therapeutic approach provides perspectives, interventions, and practical strategies to help you overcome your struggles or for the purposes of self-development, such as gaining insight, self-compassion, resiliency, emotional relief, and self-agency.

At Park LA, I strive to create a safe and non-judgmental environment to make it easier for you to open up about your life challenges. I treat each client as a unique individual, and take into consideration your whole person-hood to understand the deeper issues underlying your presenting concerns. I am intentional about cultivating a secure, affirming, and trusting therapeutic relationship to provide a corrective emotional experience.

All expressions of diversity are respected. It is my belief that diversity is the law of nature, there are no two things in nature exactly alike. While we all share a human core, it is our differences that define our individuality and shape our identities. Park LA aims to be an inclusive and accepting space.

My Professional Background

I earned my PhD in Counseling Psychology at the APA-accredited UC-Santa Barbara’s Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology program. While a graduate student, I was the co-Chair of the national Asian American Psychological Association’s Division of Students. I completed my pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at UC-San Diego’s Counseling and Psychological Services. I am a research fellow at Michigan State University’s Consortium for Multicultural Psychology Research.

I am currently a faculty member at USC Keck Department of Psychiatry and a clinical staff psychologist at USC’s Counseling and Mental Health Services. I am currently a consulting editor for several peer-review journals, including The Counseling Psychologist, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, Asian American Journal of Psychology, and Measurement and Evaluation. I have over 25 publications in book chapters and peer review journals, which can be found here.

About Me

I am passionate about helping others through psychotherapy. I see my role as a therapist less as a “job,” and more as a spiritual calling that provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment in my life. I am often humbled, and deeply touched, by the depth of pain and suffering my clients endure, and the deeper wisdom, courage, and strength of character my clients demonstrate in facing these challenges.

My family and I immigrated from Korea to Los Angeles when I was a baby, and I grew up in Los Angeles. I identify as a Korean American, heterosexual, male and go by the pronouns he, him, his. I enjoy spending time with my family, going on hikes, listening to music, and exploring LA, especially the food scene!