Park LA offers two distinct services: Psychotherapy and Biofeedback Training. If you are interested, please call (213) 787-7838 or email to schedule a free consultation.

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Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Healing from past trauma? Going through grief? Seeking better work life balance? Searching for direction and meaning in life?

There are many reasons to seek psychotherapy. Seeking therapy is a brave step: choosing to face your demons head on, opening up about past conflicts and traumas, bringing up difficult memories and feelings, making life changes in the face of uncertainty, and so forth.

Based on well-founded psychological principles and empirically supported approaches, we face your challenges together and transform your pain into something that benefits you, such as wisdom, compassion, insight, patience, acceptance, faith, courage, and motivation to change.

Life can be challenging, but you don’t have to go through it alone.

Psychotherapy is an confidential, one-on-one service, offered either in-person or via telehealth.

Biofeedback Training

* Currently Unavailable

Biofeedback training is a scientific approach to addressing psycho-somatic issues that involve providing clients real-time feedback on their body’s responses to stress and other psychological factors. It involves connecting a client with sensors that measure their bio-rhythms. This information is fed back via visuals and sounds in real-time, in order to develop better mind-body awareness, self-regulation, and coping strategies.


Psychotherapy: $150
Biofeedback Training: Currently unavailable
Payment options: Check, Cash, Credit Card
Rates are for one hour appointments.

INSURANCE: I only accept Aetna PPO. For other insurances, I can provide a superbill which you can submit to your insurance for out-of-network benefits.