Virtual Clinic

*This section is under construction.

The virtual clinic is an online resource that aims to provide an educational experience.



Self-guided is a series of planned videos that simulates a mock counseling session with the goal of passing along strategies and perspectives through experiential learning. I act the role of a counselor to an unknown “you,” asking questions and allowing pauses for your response. It may be helpful to respond out loud verbally, so that the “sessions” not only provide a release but also facilitate self-awareness from the act of finding and expressing the words that describe your experience.

Slow and Steady Breathing

Here are the Breathing Shapes, and the following are free paced breathing apps for your smartphone.
Android: Paced Breathing, Breathe2Relax, Breathe Easy
IOS: Breathe2Relax, Breathe Easy, Breathe App (Pre-installed on Apple Watch).

Five Senses Grounding